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“What is Young Life? Young Life is an experience of fun, adventure, grace and truth.” – Jim Rayburn, Founder

The purpose of Young Life Central Fairfax is to help introduce high school students to the person of Jesus Christ in a fun, genuine, and attractive way. Many students are not only introduced to Jesus through Young Life, but it is also a valuable tool that helps them grow in their faith!


Jesus is the strongest, grandest, most attractive personality ever to grace this earth, but a careless messenger with the wrong approach can reduce all this magnificence to a level of boredom.” – Jim Rayburn, Founder


Young Life leaders invest countless hours in kids by walking alongside them and taking the time to really know them in THEIR world. Through these relationships with a leader or a friend who is already involved, kids are invited to experience good, clean, meaningful fun in a variety of ways. Our hope is that through club, campaigners, and camp kids would get a real glimpse of how attractive Jesus is! To learn more about who leaders are and what we do at club, campaigners, and camp, please check out the information that is found under the “Who We Are” tab and learn more about Young Life.


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